Sample Code and Examples for Web Development

HTML Examples

Color Demo Page
Font Demo Page
Table Demo Page
Frames Demo Page
Image Map Demo Page

Demo of the Refresh Property Using a Meta Tag

CSS Examples

Main CSS Demo Page
CSS Demo Using a Local External Style Sheet
Same Page Using a W3C Core Style Sheet


View HTTP Request Header

CGI and Forms

Form Demo 1 -------------- View Target Code
Form Demo 2
Server Side Includes Demo -------------- View Source
Client Pull Demo - Count -------------- View Source


Cookie Demo -------------- View Source

Dynamic HTML and Client-Side Scripting

Extensions to Make HTML Pages More Interactive
JavaScript - Dynamically Created Page- (Multiplication Tables)
JavaScript - Button Demo
JavaScript - Event Demo
JavaScript - Environment Information Demo

Modifying the Browser Window Using JavaScript/DHTML
Rollovers Using Javascript
Validating a Form Using JavaScript
Using IE's DOM to Modify the HTML on a Page

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