Some Internet Resources and Links

General Information - Official Site of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) – A portal For Internet Information

Internet History and Background

Hobbes Internet Timeline

Web Development Resources

Some HTML Primers

Sources for Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Information

W3C Main Page of CSS Links
Web Developer's CSS Page - Links to Tutorials
House of Style Tutorials

Shore Net Support

General Information

Web Developer Portal
Web Developer’s Journal
Dev Guru
Planet Source Code


Freeware ActivePerl Interpreter For Microsoft Platforms
ShoreNet’s CGI Reference Page
WebDeveloper CGI/Perl Portal
O'Reilly Perl Portal
A Perl tutorial Library Home Page - Download Source and Other CGI Links

Free CGI Scripts (Matt’s Script Archive)
Comprehensive Perl Archive Network

Cookie References

Netscape's Cookie Specification

JavaScript and Dynamic HTML References
JavaScript City
JavaScript Planet
Webcoder - JavaScript and DHTML Portal

Security References

W3C Security Portal Page
Netscape Security Page

Some Log File Analysis Examples