Meerkat Technology, Inc. was founded in 1993 and has become a leading provider of electronic commerce and technology services. Recognizing that existing solutions were ill-fitted for the needs of community based nonprofits and small businesses, Meerkat Technology's mission is to offer affordable, easy-to-use solutions for conducting business online. We provide informative, convenient, easy-to-use online resources to citizens and visitors interested in supporting the community by taking advantage of its rich history and culture.

With significant experience building software applications for Fortune 500 clients, Meerkat Technology has developed a full suite of Electronic Commerce products specifically for the unique needs of community oriented nonprofits and small businesses.

Our fully customizable products provide functionality and performance that provide a significant advantage over custom development. Combined with stellar customer service and strong commitment to the community, Meerkat Technology's products are a cut above. More Info

Allows organizations to easily sell tickets online through our family of event calendar and ticketing websites. More Info

About Meerkats
Meerkats are a relative of the mongoose and are native to the Kalahari desert in South Africa. Meerkats live in extended family groups and work together to provide for their group. Meerkats have learned through evolution that groups are most efficient when each member of the group works collaboratively with the others to achieve a common goal. At Meerkat Technology, we collaborate with our customers, employees and community to provide products and services that enable us to grow the value of our businesses and civic organizations.

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