Meerkat Technology has extensive experience helping the Media industry develop and implement Electronic Commerce.

Electronic Commerce Standards

Meerkat Technology was contracted to document the latest version of the EDI standards for national cable television advertising. The document was developed not just as a technical reference for those experienced in EDI (as is standard in implementation guides) but also to educate those new to the industry. View the Cable industry EDI implementation guide.

Meerkat Technology was hired as the technical consultant to Mediaport's effort to define a cross media XML standard for the communication of business transactions between buyer and seller.

Consulting Services

Meerkat Technology provides custom software development, education and training. Contact Evan Schapiro to learn more about Meerkat's expertise in this area. Evan is the author of the Cable Industry's most recent EDI Implementation Guide. Evan was the founder of @media, and served as its president from its inception in 1996 until March of 1999. He has been a member of the CAB's EDI Design Committee since 1993 and has served as an officer of the ASC X12 Purchasing Subcommittee.

Reference and Links

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