Our MKTix Ticketing Technology is the engine behind a growing family of event calendar and ticketing websites. This allows an organization to maintain their own look and feel while adding a full-gamut of ticketing capabilities. By sharing best practices and technologies among organizations, we create a solution that outperforms expensive custom solutions.

Benefits of becoming an MKTix Partner Website

Our regionally-based partner websites provide a valuable service to both patrons and local organizations. Our feature-rich application provides many benefits to an organization:

  • Robust calendar and ticket purchase functionality
  • Provides a valuable server to community based organizations and their patrons
  • Increases visibility and drives additional traffic to your website
  • Demonstrates your value to member and affiliated organizations
  • No added overhead or staff required. Meerkat Technology provides full support
  • Robust, easy to use administration and notification
  • Consolidated reporting
  • Benefit from shared technology and product development

Contact Meerkat Technology today to find out how our full-service approach will allow your organization to easily add ticketing capabilities to your branded website.

Partner Ticketing Websites

Visit any of these sites to see MKTix Ticketing Technology in action:

Listing an Event

Having your event listed on our ticketing websites is a valuable way to increase visibility and attendance at your community-based events. And most importantly, it costs nothing to sign up. Click here to learn more

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