Most smaller nonprofits and small businesses do not have full-time technology expertise in the organization. They often rely on volunteers, interns, and consultants to develop and maintain websites and technology infrastructure. This can be very cost effective, but it also can lead to sites that are difficult/expensive to maintain or implementations that are too reliant on the developer.

We can help by providing professional oversight of your volunteers and consultants to ensure that they are providing the most cost effective solutions for your organization. We can also help identify and select vendors/consultants for your technology needs and provide website maintenance services.

Our Core Principles

  • Understand the Organization's Mission and the Role of the Website - The most important role of a website is to help promote your organization's mission and provide value to your patrons. All too often websites focus on layout over content.

  • Maintainability - Often overlooked, the ability to keep a website up-to-date is extremely important. The web is full of websites that are out of date or difficult for staff to maintain.

  • Cost Awareness - Nonprofits and small businesses have limited funds and must use them wisely. We understand the cost/benefit tradeoffs and can help your organization make wise decisions.

Contact Meerkat Technology today to learn more about how we can help provide cost-effective, professional management and technology oversight to your website and technology infrastructure.

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