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The sign-up form to list your event can be completed online in minutes. Click one of the links below to and you're on your way.

What You Will Need

All of the below information can be entered via our online form.

Organization Information
  • Organization Name & Address
  • Web Site Address - The URL of your website (if you have one) for the organization/event. We will provide a link back to this page from the ticketing page.
  • Primary Contact - The person in your organization who we should contact regarding any questions. Receipts will be emailed to this person.
  • Secondary Contact - A second person we can contact if the primary contact is unavailable. If you desire, email receipts can also be emailed to the secondary contact.
  • Webmaster Contact - The person who manages your website who will be able to add links to your ticketing page.
Event Information
  • Short Description - A one or two line short description of your event. This will be shown on our Event Calendar Listings
  • Long Description - The longer description of your event for the detailed ticketing page.
  • Dates and Times - The date(s) and time(s) of your event. Also the dates when ticket sales should start/stop.
  • Ticket Types, Prices and Number of Tickets - We can handle complex ticket types and pricing. We will automatically stop selling tickets once the capacity has been reached.
  • Payment Information - Where we should send payment and when you'd like to receive the first payment.
Venue Information
Information about where the event will be held.
  • Venue Name and Address
  • Directions - Once people have purchased tickets, they often come to the website for directions.
  • Special Needs Accessibility
  • Seating Chart Information

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