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Administration Merchandise Memberships and Registration

Online registration for attendance at events and meetings provides convenience for those attending, reduces overhead costs and provides better customer service. Consumers are accustomed to paying convenience fees for online registration so that this service can be provided to patrons at no additional cost to the organization.

Benefits to Patron

  • More convenient for patrons. Available 24 x 7
  • Payment is received at time of registration
  • Electronic receipt allows for easier record keeping
  • Knowledge that they are guaranteed a seat

Benefits to Organization

  • Less phone/box office support required
  • E-Tickets save mailing costs. (Printed tickets can still be mailed if desired)
  • Reduces payment lines at time of event
  • Advance sales helps for better planning of food/concessions, etc.
  • No re-keying of information required
  • Less cash/checks that can be lost or stolen
  • Advanced sales drastically reduces impact of poor weather on attendance

Proven Technology

You benefit by using the same proven technology that is used to process thousands of tickets monthly via MKTix's partner ticketing services. Click here to learn more about MKTix Technology

Ticketed Events
Fundraisers, Benefits, Performances

Patrons prefer the knowledge that they have a ticket before making special arrangements to attend an event. Out of town participants are especially interested in knowing they have a seat before traveling distances.


Online payment and registration options encourages new attendees, offers additional convenience for regular attendees, and aids planning. Attendees on your regular e-mail mailing list can get to the registration page with a single button click, making registration much more convenient.

Sporting Events
Varsity Sports, Amateur Leagues, Regional Teams, Charity Events

Large sports organizations have all taken advantage of online ticketing to increase attendance, increase demand and improve operations. MKManage brings this same functionality to smaller leagues and teams.

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