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Offering online registration for classes and instruction is a great way to attract new attendees, as well as providing a convenient payment option for existing customers. And just as importantly, it significantly reduces the administrative overhead of managing registrations.

Whether you offer hundreds of classes, or just a few, Meerkat Technology can help!


  • Online course catalog - always accurate and current
  • Flexible sorting options
  • Search by name capabilities
  • Tracks capacities and doesn't allow registrations for full classes
  • Attendee list reports available for instructors
  • Robust administrative interface handles refunds with a single click
  • Customizable registration form

Community Centers, Adult Education, Colleges

Online registration offers significant convenience to potential attendees who have busy schedules. It also allows them to register when they first learn about the classes, the time they are most likely to attend. By streamlining the administrative tasks, you can offer more classes and have staff focus on building awareness instead of pushing paper.

Performance Venues
Theaters, Performance Centers

Many performance groups and their affiliated staff offer lessons in acting, music, etc. to supplement income and build community awareness. Online registration allows them to focus on education instead of administration and collection. Online payment and registration encourages new attendees, offers additional convenience for regular attendees, and aids planning. Attendees on your regular e-mail mailing list can get to the registration page with a single button click, making registration much more convenient.

Individual Instruction
Tutoring, Private Lessons

Allowing registrations and payment for tutoring and private lessons helps attract new customers and alleviate administrative burdens.

Case Study
Roudenbush Community Center, Westford

The Roudenbush Community Center received a grant to implement a new online catalog and registration system. This resulted in more registrations and reduced overhead. The data-driven online catalog gives immediate notification of schedule changes. Notifications of changes to existing registrants are easily communicated via email.
Click here to view the Roudenbush Online Course Catalog

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