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Administration Merchandise Memberships and Registration

Nonprofits and educational institutions can reap additional revenue and improve operations by adding the capability to sell merchandise online. With patrons already coming online to purchase tickets or register for a class, the opportunity to also purchase merchandise is a real time-saver and revenue-generator.

A Different Approach

MKManage was built from the ground up specifically for community based organizations and small businesses. Other electronic "shopping cart" systems were designed for large e-stores and are not very user-friendly for your patrons. Studies have shown that online purchasers often abandon orders in mid-process out of frustration. Our interface is straightforward, easy to use, and recognizes the unique relationship you have with your patrons.

Musical Groups and Theaters

CD's and private labeled merchandise are a natural for online sales. Offering patrons the ability to pre-purchase for pickup at the time of a concert is a great way to generate additional sales and awareness.

Sports Leagues and Clinics

Allowing registrants to purchase uniforms and equipment at the time of registration saves administrative overhead and provides a valuable service.

Charities and Fundraisers

Typically merchandise is only available at set times or by special arrangement. Online capabilities allow patrons the opportunity to purchase at their convenience.

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