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Administration Merchandise Memberships and Registration

Memberships and registrations are a key revenue generator for many organizations and a perfect fit for electronic commerce. The registration process often requires multiple questions to be answered, and all of this must be manually checked and re-entered into a database. Handling this electronically makes this process much more efficient and more importantly, is available 24 hours a day.

Benefits of Accepting Online Memberships

  • More convenient for patrons. Available 24 x 7
  • Payment is received at the time of registration
  • Validation of data entry greatly reduces administrative costs
  • Renewal is drastically easier. An email with a direct link to the renewal page can be sent when memberships expire
  • Saves postage and copying costs for registration forms

Key Features

  • Supports multiple registration levels/fees
  • Supports rolling memberships or memberships for a fixed period.
  • Supports complex registration forms and questionnaires

Sports Leagues
Youth Leagues, Tournaments, Booster Clubs, Clinics

Sports league registrations can be extremely complex because of the many questions that must be answered and waivers that must be signed. We have designed our system with this in mind. Click here to view a sample customized registration form

Arts Organizations
Theaters, Museums, Auxiliaries

Memberships offer additional much-needed revenue beyond ticket sales. By having membership available online, patrons who are already buying tickets can be encouraged to easily join at the same time. Discounted tickets for members further encourages new members.

Trade Associations
Fraternal Organizations, Commerce Groups, Seminars

Online payment and registration encourages new members and offers additional convenience for existing members. Renewals are more timely and require less follow-up. Online registration for meetings offers additional convenience to members.

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